Sol Kim

I'm Sol

Bay Area native
Brown University bear
ice cream connoisseur
web developer/designer
puppy enthusiast
computer science concentrator

I love creating

I've created at

Facebook as a software engineering intern
Adobe as a software engineering intern
The Brown Noser as a satirical staff writer
Brown Entrepreneurship Program as a designer and developer
Brown University Graphics Lab as an undergraduate research assistant
Brown Women in Computer Science as a webmaster
Fashion @ Brown as a social media chair
TuringSense as a web developer
JunoWallet as a web developer intern
Maarifa International as the director of science

my creative tools include





JavaScript & JQuery

I've also worked with C#, XAML, Swift, SQL, Racket, Pyret, and more.

I love tinkering

I've made stuff like

a conversation visualizer web app that increases awareness of and encourages conversation participation, especially for people like women and minorities who are given statistically less chances to contribute
a silly compliments generator that tells you what a superb, heroic little pickle you are
a twitter analytics tool, StaTweetStics, that helps users understand their tweet trends and compare them to other users'
a laundry helper, laundr(eas)y, for Brown students to refresh their wardrobe efficiently
a chrome plugin, like-omg-ifier, that totally changes, like, everything to be #gucci and, like, #valleygirl
a CLI, chab, that helps you locate chicken at Brown

but the gold goes to

my crazy dog picture collection... no shame

*find more cool stuff on my github!!!

I love connecting

anything else?

Check out my full resume or shoot me an email below!